Types of Forklift RT

Hi Reach Truck / RT

A high reach truck, also known as a reach forklift or reach truck, is a specialized type of forklift designed for high-lifting applications in warehouses, distribution centres, and other industrial settings. These trucks are specifically designed to reach elevated storage heights while maintaining stability and manoeuvrability. Here are some key features and characteristics of high reach trucks:

Vertical Lifting:

High reach trucks are designed to lift loads to significant heights, often exceeding traditional counterbalance forklifts. They have a telescopic mast that extends vertically to access high storage racks.

Single or Double Deep Stacking:

High reach trucks can handle single or double deep stacking, meaning they can place pallets either one or two deep within the racks. This flexibility allows for efficient use of storage space.

Reach Mechanism:

The reach mechanism of these trucks includes the telescopic mast and a set of extending forks. The forks can reach forward beyond the stabilizing legs, enabling the truck to access loads deep within storage racks.


High reach trucks are designed for stability during high lifts. They often have a wide wheelbase and features like stabilizing legs to prevent tipping while handling heavy loads at high elevations.

Operator Compartment:

The operator's compartment is designed for comfort and visibility. The operator sits at a raised position to have a clear view of the load and the aisle. Controls are usually intuitive and positioned for easy access.

Battery Electric Power:

Many high reach trucks are powered by electric batteries. Electric power provides quiet and emission-free operation, making them suitable for indoor use.

Wire Guidance Systems:

Some high reach trucks are equipped with wire guidance systems that help them navigate predefined paths within narrow aisles. This can ensure precise positioning and reduce the risk of collisions.

High reach trucks are commonly used in industries where tall racking systems are employed, such as distribution centres and large warehouses. Their ability to lift loads to significant heights while operating in tight spaces makes them essential for maximizing storage capacity and efficient material handling. Proper operator training is crucial to ensure safe and effective use of these specialized machines.

एक हाई रीच ट्रक, जिसे रीच फोर्कलिफ्ट या रीच ट्रक के रूप में भी जाना जाता है, एक विशेष प्रकार का फोर्कलिफ्ट है जिसे गोदामों, वितरण केंद्रों और अन्य औद्योगिक सेटिंग्स में उच्च-लिफ्टिंग अनुप्रयोगों के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है। इन ट्रकों को विशेष रूप से स्थिरता और गतिशीलता बनाए रखते हुए ऊंची भंडारण ऊंचाई तक पहुंचने के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है। यहां ऊंची पहुंच वाले ट्रकों की कुछ प्रमुख विशेषताएं और विशेषताएं दी गई हैं:

उच्च पहुंच वाले ट्रकों का उपयोग आमतौर पर उन उद्योगों में किया जाता है जहां लंबे रैकिंग सिस्टम कार्यरत होते हैं, जैसे वितरण केंद्र और बड़े गोदाम। तंग स्थानों में काम करते समय भार को महत्वपूर्ण ऊंचाई तक उठाने की उनकी क्षमता उन्हें भंडारण क्षमता और कुशल सामग्री प्रबंधन को अधिकतम करने के लिए आवश्यक बनाती है। इन विशिष्ट मशीनों का सुरक्षित और प्रभावी उपयोग सुनिश्चित करने के लिए उचित ऑपरेटर प्रशिक्षण महत्वपूर्ण है।