Road Safety Program, school bus driver training,

School Bus Driver Training


  • School bus drivers and school bus aides who transport special needs students, or drivers who may substitute on a route transporting special needs students, should be trained in the specific needs of the students on board that route. This includes the handling of special equipment, such as wheelchairs and child safety seats, operation of wheelchair lifts and wheelchair tie-downs, and any special requirements in the student’s Individualized Education  Plan (IEP).   
  • ​- Active Shooter
    - Railroad Crossing Safety and Incident Investigation
    - Accident Procedures 
    - Department of Homeland Security- Situational awareness and hostage situation involving a school bus.
    - Mass Casualty incidents involving a school bus
    - Safe Boarding 
  • Defensive Driving Technics
  • Government Compliance.
  • Behavior Training

Road Safety Awareness Program-School


  •  Traffic education plays a significant role in the design and implementation of a successful road safety program of every country. The development of 'Road Safety Culture" is a fundamental objective of the “Hellenic Strategic Plan for the Improvement of Road Safety, 2011-2020) 

  • Topics covered: 
  • A is for awareness: traffic is dangerous and hurts people 
  • B is for behavior: rules you can follow to stay safe 
  • C is for choice: how to make the safest choices and help others stay safe too 
  • Safe Riding Gears.
  • Road Accident Statics
  • Effect on a Road Accident on A family
  • Safe Road Crossing 
  • pedestrian safety
  • Traffic Rules