Chauffeur Training


  • Most existing employers have issues with their drivers which could range from bad body odour, shabby dressing and oily hair to lack of punctuality, regular absenteeism, poor driving etiquette and car hygiene etc.
  • However, with proper training and grooming, all these issues can be addressed.
  • Every skilled driver has the potential to be transformed into a perfect chauffeur if he receives the right guidance and training. It is not just about teaching him better road sense. It is about going beyond that and enhancing his abilities and soft skills.
  • Our carefully designed modules teach him etiquette and enhance his proficiency in communication, the finer points about dealing with passengers and customers, grooming, car care and hygiene and a whole range of other qualities and abilities.
  • A chauffeur is very often the public face for you and your company. He interacts with your clients and customers, your senior staff and close business and personal associates. A well trained chauffeur can enhance your image considerably.


  1. Introduction
    02. Self Esteem and Self Confidence
    03. Appearance and Hygiene
    04. Diet Plan & Tips to Reduce Weight
    05. Good Manners & Good Behavior
    06. Punctuality
    07. Communication Skills
    08. Stress & Anger Management
    09. Basic Car Care & Car Maintenance
    10. Road Safety and Driving Etiquette.
    11. Mandatory Signs
    12. Cautionary Signs
    13. Informatory Signs
    14. Night Driving Tips
    15. Tips For Driving in the Rain
    16. Strict Don'ts
    17. Importance of Not Shifting Jobs Frequently
    18. List Of Duties
    19. Tips for a Successful Interview
    20. Who is a Good Chauffeur
    21. Customer Service
    22. Driver To Chauffeur - A Career.